Case study

IoT solutions for governmental organization

Our client is a governmental organization, with agencies in several locations. Their top priority is sharing mission-critical data securely. Apart from looking for a highly reliable network, they needed a robust and extra-safe private network to exchange information between locations preventing leaks, eavesdropping, and other threats from using public internet. 

IoT solutions for governmental organization

In a nutshell

  • Governmental organization

  • MENA

BICS solution
  • SIM-for-Things (SFT)

  • IPX transport

  • 5G modems

  • Optimized costs

  • Increased flexibility

  • Maximum security


The client struggled with unreliable satellite connectivity, which hindered consistent data transmission and operational efficiency across their diverse geographic locations. Managing data securely and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory frameworks across different countries posed additional complexities and required a robust, tailored solution.


BICS addressed these challenges by providing a secure global network infrastructure. This included implementing SIM For Things (SFT) for local device connectivity and utilizing IPX Transport for secure, direct data transfer between agency locations and BICS’ network. Additionally, deploying 5G modems enhanced data transfer speeds and efficiency, meeting the client’s stringent security and operational requirements.



Optimized costs

Infrastructure upgrades and streamlined services led to significant cost reductions.


Increased flexibility

BICS’ scalable SFT solution enabled rapid deployment of new locations, adapting to evolving needs seamlessly.


Maximum security

Enhanced data security ensured compliance with strict regulations and protected against unauthorized access or data breaches.

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