Connectivity Twin

Control and secure your IoT deployments with multi-cloud connectivity and device data models

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Connectivity Twin
Share your connectivity and IoT device data in one click

Share your connectivity and IoT device data in one click

Safely send data streams to the public cloud via API without the complexity of protocol conversions. Accelerate your time to market with a quick and easy setup. 


Use Connectivity Twin for a true 360° digital twin

  • digital-twin

    Integrate into your digital twin all the connectivity metadata of your SIM or eSIM to unlock new insights in your virtual device representation. Act faster, control end-to-end, and increase your intelligence.

  • iot

    Proactively manage all facets of your IoT devices. Gain complete control of your solution and improve the overall Quality of Service and security for your customers.

  • analytics_laptop-chart

    Get the complete picture by managing your connectivity and devices from a single platform.

From complexity to easy data aggregation


Scalable and secure

Use Cloud Connect as a proxy for fast and secure data transmission to AWS, Azure, Oracle, or Google data centers.



Connect your data streams quickly via API.



Unlock advanced analytics and machine learning for your IoT data.


Diagnostic tools

Quickly troubleshoot and understand the root cause of any issues.

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