Meet your new IoT connectivity management platform

Take back control of your global IoT deployments and unlock powerful data insights

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Meet your new IoT connectivity management platform
managment-platform IoT Connectivity platform

Are you ready to simplify your IoT connectivity management?

Our self-service platform helps you deliver new types of services and experiences without the complexity:
  • reduced-cost-euro

    Increase productivity and reduce operational costs

  • analytics_laptop-chart

    Real-time visibility of your global deployment

  • tools_maintenance

    Easy troubleshooting, management, and provisioning 

  • IoT-API

    Fully customize your IoT projects to your business models

One intuitive connectivity platform for your global IoT deployments

  • Manage

  • Monetize

  • Support

  • Understand

  • dashboard

    Easy to use and feature-rich GUI

    with a fully customizable dashboard.
  • real-time-control

    Real-time control

    over your deployment; manage your SIMs in bulk while being able to monitor and troubleshoot individual SIMs.
  • manage

    Automated and zero-touch provisioning

    from testing to inventory, distribution, and commercial deployment stages.
  • money-stack

    Advanced cost and revenue management

    with full customization of data and SMS packages.
  • coins-stack

    Monetize your services

    and set custom prices as required.
  • growth

    Flexible business models

    to suit your growth, including prepaid and postpaid options.
  • tools_maintenance

    Remotely monitor and troubleshoot

    your devices with advanced and user-friendly tools.
  • notification

    Receive alerts and notifications

    notifications instantly based on your preferences.
  • dashboard-simple

    Full visibility

    of all SIM activities, connected networks, and service usage.
  • smart-light-bulb

    Identify, investigate, and resolve issues

    in real time with a light-touch model.
  • centralised-management

    Build a single source of truth

    of your international deployment.
  • customer-experience

    Offer an improved subscriber experience

    by proactively detecting issues.
Need more customization?

Need more customization?

Resell our IoT connectivity platform to your customers without the complexity. Tailor capabilities and billing for each customer, and take control of the platform to suit your business model.

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