Case study

Connectivity solutions for wildlife camera manufacturers

Our client is an IoT wildlife camera manufacturer that produces cameras for hunting, wildlife study, and observation in remote areas. They plan to transform from a device manufacturer to a IoT solution provider, which will involve charging end-users for their SIM data usage. As a result, they sought a connectivity partner to help them get to the next level of their business.

Connectivity solutions for wildlife camera manufacturers

In a nutshell

  • Device manufacturer

  • Wildlife monitoring

  • China

BICS solution
  • Global network connectivity

  • Optimized data usage solutions

  • Flexible SIM management

  • Customizable APIs

  • Instant access to IoT data

  • Improved customer experience

  • Exponentioal growth

  • Market leadership


The client required worldwide connectivity for their new cameras equipped with built-in cellular connectivity. They needed a partner to guarantee instant, out-of-the-box connectivity in the US and Europe, with potential global expansion. Additionally, the client sought flexible SIM management due to seasonal usage of the cameras, necessitating a solution that allowed for pausing SIM cards, data plans, and payments during off-peak times. Lastly, the client needed easy-access analytics to monitor how customers used their cameras in near real-time, including statistics on SIM card activations and popular data packages.


BICS provided the client with access to a global network, enabling instant connectivity for cameras worldwide. Pre-negotiated data usage agreements with carriers ensured that data was only consumed when end users accessed camera content, averaging 50-200 MB per month per device. The client could manage their IoT connectivity through a user-friendly portal, offering full control over active SIM cards and data plans with the flexibility to adjust according to seasonal demand. Customizable solutions through APIs allowed integration with existing systems and enhanced data transfer user experience, giving the client a tailored approach to managing their IoT deployment.



Dramatic growth

Within the first three months of the partnership, 1,400 new SIM cards were activated in the client’s account, leading to exponential revenue growth.


Improved customer experience

The customer support features of our solution were thoroughly tested during the pre-sales period, with all issues resolved proactively and on time.


Market leadership

Our collaboration has positioned the client as a market leader in their home market and has enabled rapid expansion into international markets, including the USA.


Instant access

The client now collects valuable IoT data, providing end-users with remote, real-time access to pictures and videos from the cameras.

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