Case study

Connectivity for cellular IoT module producers

Our client, one of the largest IoT solutions providers globally, offers a wide range of IoT modules embedded in devices across various industries such as payments, energy, safety, smart cities, Industry 4.0, gateways, agriculture, healthcare, and transport. After successful operations in the Asian market, the client partnered with BICS to accelerate and expand their deployment in Europe.

Connectivity for cellular IoT module producers

In a nutshell

  • IoT solutions provider

  • Manufacturing

  • China

BICS solution
  • International connectivity service

  • SIM-for-Things (SFT)

  • OEM module

  • Customizable APIs

  • Accelerated deployment

  • Increased competitiveness of cloud services

  • Out-of-box connectivity

  • Cost optimization


The client aimed to achieve global coverage with multi-IMSI capabilities to support their international IoT deployment, requiring a reliable network to handle devices in transit and avoid permanent roaming restrictions. They also needed commercial flexibility to cater to various business segments and support multiple SIM technologies, including eSIM, iSIM, and physical SIM, due to their diverse industry use cases.


BICS provided international connectivity services, granting instant access to a global network through pre-negotiated partnerships with MNOs worldwide. The SIM For Things (SFT) solution supported all SIM types and IMSI technologies, offering zero-touch provisioning and real-time data insights. Additionally, the OEM module enabled connectivity to be embedded directly in the hardware during manufacturing, while hundreds of APIs allowed for easy customization and white-label branding to enhance client operations and customer loyalty.



Accelerated deployment

By consolidating from multiple suppliers to a single partner for managing their global IoT deployment, the client was able to speed up their global expansion.


Increased competitiveness of cloud services

Access to a robust global network has improved the client’s cloud services, providing faster data transfer, seamless access, and enhanced scalability.


Out-of-box connectivity

The client can now manufacture devices with embedded SIMs and manage activation, testing, shipping, selling, or storage through a single provider.


Cost optimization

With the inclusion of a new sponsor in Asia within the BICS network, the client benefited from more competitive pricing, enhancing their market position and supporting further business growth.

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