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Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Enable best in class seamless and integrated PSTN calling to your Microsoft Teams environment

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BICS named an official Microsoft Teams Operator Connect partner

BICS named an official Microsoft Teams Operator Connect partner

Microsoft Teams for simplified collaboration

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    We live in a hybrid age 

    Working, collaborating, and communicating needs to be seamless across your global organization.

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    Microsoft Teams facilitates collaboration

    Microsoft Teams is the number one tool for businesses who’ve adapted to the “new normal”.

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    Integrate Teams with voice

    Deliver a unified experience to your customers, partners and employees, not all of whom will be using Microsoft Teams.

Easily enable external Microsoft Teams calls for your organization


Centralized management

Establish the connection, provision users, and assign phone numbers directly from the Teams Admin Center.


Reduced hardware cost

Save on infrastructure and management costs by reducing the need to purchase, maintain, and manage equipment with BICS’ fully owned infrastructure.


Business continuity

Keep BICS as your preferred operator. Maintain your existing operator contracts and relationships, while providing users with a modern and streamlined calling experience in Teams.


“As a service” setup

Outsource complexity with BICS’ fully managed service approach to PSTN connectivity. No need to deal with any third-party portals and there is no coding, voice, or DevOps expertise required.


Enhanced reliability

Back-to-back technical support and shared SLAs across Microsoft and BICS improve support service. The direct peering powered by Azure creates a one-to-one network connection for even more reliability.

BICS, an Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams partner

BICS’ simplified pre-built setup enables a unified collaboration experience for your Teams users, with an expanded geographic reach and greater phone number control.





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BICS cloud communications solutions include virtual phone numbers and SIP trunking services for enterprises to consolidate their global telecommunications infrastructure, reducing costs and complexity. BICS can provide fully compliant PSTN replacement services in major European countries.

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  • How does Operator Connect work? chevron-down

    Operator Connect is an operator-managed service for bringing PSTN calling to your Microsoft Teams environment. It simplifies the process of connecting your operator to Teams. All you need to do is open the “Operators” tab in the Teams Admin Center, select BICS as your preferred operator and connect calling services. That’s how quick and easy it is to set up. You can then acquire phone numbers from BICS and assign them to your users.

  • How do I deploy Operator Connect in my organization? chevron-down

    Once your organization has an Office 365 and Microsoft Teams phone license, you can configure and enable BICS as your operator in the Teams Admin Center. Next, you can set up phone numbers for your users, assign numbers, and manage emergency addresses. A step-by-step process can be found on the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams page.

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  • What is the minimum contract length I need to sign up to? chevron-down

    Contracts are for a minimum of one year and they are automatically renewed for an indefinite duration, unless there is a termination notice from either party.

  • What are the pricing plans? chevron-down

    Our aim is to support your business growth, which is why we offer a pay as you go model, and provide access to international wholesale rates.

  • I am experiencing a technical issue. Where can I get support? chevron-down

    For any issue, get in touch through our customer care portal.

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