Verify your customers globally

Add a layer of security, while keeping your business safe and customers engaged, with texts or phone calls from one platform

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2FA OTP authentication

Authenticate your customers effortlessly

Your customers demand both data safety and a frictionless experience. Whether enabling digital transactions, confirming appointments, or enabling account recovery, make customer experience seamless with intuitive authentication.

Quick and cost-effective authentication solutions


Verify users with flash calling

Delight customers with a super convenient onboarding experience. Verify your users’ identity within seconds with a simple dropped call.

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Deliver OTPs straight to your customers’ phones

Secure logins and simplify onboarding with SMS. Low latency and guaranteed delivery of text messages across all markets. 

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No more fake numbers with phone call verification

Keep your database healthy, don’t let customers sign up with fake phone numbers. Verify them with a quick automated call.

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Hassle-free verification

No one wants to spend hours jumping through authentication hoops, so why would your customers? Increase engagement and conversions by saving your customers valuable time and energy.





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