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Build Communications & Fraud Prevention into Applications

Messaging, data and verification APIs & SDKs to engage customers and increase security

As businesses of all sizes and sectors embrace cloud communications to create innovative new services and transform how they communicate with their customers, BICS recently acquired TeleSign and created the world’s first end-to-end CPaaS provider, bridging the market leading TeleSign cloud communications platform with one of the largest global carriers in the world.

TeleSign operates independently as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BICS
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Discover TeleSign's CPaaS platform and easily embed communications and security solutions into your applications

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Easy-to-integrate APIs & SDKs that combine data intelligence and messaging communications to more effectively engage customers, secure accounts and prevent fraud.

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A registered Mobile Network Operator with 700+ high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes that ensure the highest availability and market-leading delivery and completion rates.

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Developer-focused tools, documentation and self service dashboard, best-practice guidance and support, UI/UX reviews, compliance expertise and more.