Our branding

Building the BICS brand experience is an ongoing effort. It is important that we are consistent in our communication and experience across all applications. The BICS brand design is minimalistic, clean and simple, elegant and light, authentic and people focused.

Our branding
  • Logo colors

  • Size and spacing

  • Negative usage

  • Don’ts

  • BICS Dark grey

    The main color version of the logo to use whenever possible
  • BICS White

    To use on top of one of the BICS grey or one of the BICS blues, or on top of an image for enhanced visibility.
  • Minimum size

    The logo must be applied at a minimum of 19px in digital and 5mm in print.
  • Clearance

    Graphics/objects must not penetrate the clear area. This space is no less than the x-height of the typo.
The negative version logo can be used on top of grey, on one of BICS secondary colours or on top of an image. In this last case, make sure the logo is well visible.
The appearance of the BICS logo must remain consistent. The BICS logo should not be modified. No attempt should be made to alter the BICS logo in any way.
  • cross

    Do not scale disproportionately

  • cross

    Do not put the logo on any other background color

  • cross

    Do not add shadow

Color guideline

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color codes

BICS Dark Grey

HEX: 2c3f46 RGB: 44 63 70 CMYK: 88 56 51 53 PANTONE: P8503

BICS White

HEX: F0F1F2 RGB: 240 241 242 CMYK: 7 4 5 0 PANTONE: P6197