Simplify the international voice business - Reduce billing complexities and drive profitability

As the international voice landscape evolves rapidly, management of the technical and commercial relationships with multiple operators over different generations of technology has become increasingly complex. Add to this the need to deliver profitability despite greater competition from over-the-top (OTT)/ Voice over IP (VoIP) players, and increasing levels of fraud.

BICS’ Managed Voice Solutions is a complete managed solution covering all your international voice needs, built on our decades of global leadership in international telecoms. With a single commercial relationship and invoice, BICS Managed Voice Solutions streamlines your operations while our expert service team enables you to assure global QoS. Proactive technology helps secure your subscribers and network from fraud, while we help simplify your voice management and improve customer quality of service.

Key Benefits

  • Global footprint spanning more than 700 operators in 180 countries worldwide
  • End-to-end high-quality direct interconnections
  • Real-time traffic and cost reporting
  • Proactive fraud prevention
  • Stable termination and inter-operator rates
  • Flexible pricing models including origin-based routing
  • Simplified billing and invoicing
  • 24x7 support in every region

Why Choose BICS for voice traffic management?

Competitive pricing model

With more than 20 years’ experience as a global voice carrier and agreements with more than 700 mobile operators worldwide, we can negotiate the best prices for our customers – and vastly outperform multiple supplier agreements.

Flexible, transparent pricing and simplified billing

We offer flexible cost models customised to our customers’ business requirements and profiles. With real-time traffic and cost reporting, we offer full rate transparency and support pricing based on origin-based routing.

Future-proof technology

We support new and existing technologies, TDM and SIP variants, from 2G to 5G, including VoLTE.

Increased traffic security

Benefit from integrated proactive fraud protection with BICS’ FraudGuard and Voice Roaming Firewall to protect your bottom line and customers from threats such as call spoofing and manipulation.

24/7 customer support

Access 24x7 support from our team of experts who will help you rectify issues before they impact your customers. Tailor your service plan to your unique requirements. Follow-the-sun support, real-time request acknowledgement and robust service-level agreements you can provide a high-quality experience without compromise. Or access premium services with a dedicated success manager, reduce response times, set repair targets, and more.

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