IoT for OEMs

Manufacture and sell your connected devices globally

Embed connectivity into hardware in the factory so your devices can be connected instantly, wherever in the world they are used

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Global eSIM connectivity you can depend on

Complete flexibility for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the build, test, deployment, and monitoring stages of manufacturing:
  • Internet-of-Things_IoT

    Simplify global operations and seamlessly deploy your connected devices in more than 200 markets.

  • IoT-API

    Automate connectivity throughout the device lifecycle with zero-touch provisioning.

  • money_hand

    Monetize your connectivity and create new revenues.

Connectivity is a complex ecosystem. We made it simple

Our global IoT solution ensures devices stay connected throughout their lifecycles so you can focus on product innovation


Global bootstrap and operational profiles

Instantly connect to the local network anywhere in the world, and reprogram your SIMs as needed.


SIM for Things for OEMs

Benefit from zero-touch lifecycle management of your products through a fully rebrandable portal, with pricing flexibility, and global 24/ 7 support.


Truly global connectivity

Provide your devices with ubiquitous multi-network coverage (2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / NB-IoT / LTE-M) in more than 200 countries with just one single global SIM and partner.


eSIM and SIM subscription

Optimal for massive deployments that require commercial and technical flexibility.

Powering smart manufacturing





Meet your all-in-one platform for global IoT deployments


Automate connectivity

Easily embed API-based connectivity into device hardware with a global SIM/ eSIM bootstrap profile.


Centralize your IoT applications

From predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, to quality control, and supply chain management.


Device lab

Test before you launch in our device lab and define device settings for global deployment.


Connectivity Twin

Offer digital twin capabilities that take into account all connectivity metadata.



Embedded SIM functions as the Root of Trust in the device.


eSIM for IoT

Flexibility for mass global deployments. Store and manage multiple profiles remotely through BICS eSIM.


Business intelligence with actionable insights

Empower precise, data-driven decision making with advanced analytics.


Deploy iSIM

Accelerate time to market by integrating iSIMs from the factory.

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We’ve got you covered

Ensure high data speeds with a fully owned network, backed by 700+ commercial operator relationships worldwide. Maintain a consistent Quality of Service with multi-network coverage supporting 2G to 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M technologies.

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