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Cloud Connect - Secure global multi-cloud connectivity service

This is the era of business in the cloud. Globally distributed companies often operate multiple cloud based environments, transmitting mission-critical business data over the public internet between geographically distributed data centres, employees and customers.

At the same time, recurring DDoS attacks, hacking and ransom-ware are the order of the day. In such a high-stakes environment companies are demanding the highest levels of cloud-based security, often using secure connections to the cloud hosted by the world’s most reputable vendors.

AWS Cloud Connect

Discover our official Amazon Web Services Cloud Connect solution

BICS Cloud Connect – an official Microsoft Azure technology partner

Discover our official Microsoft Azure cloud connect solution

BICS Cloud Connect – the flexible way to connect directly to the Cloud

Cloud Connect is a dedicated multi-cloud connectivity solution offering secure transport between over 130 points of presence around the world and Cloud Service providers, as a destination. Cloud Connect offers dedicated connectivity directly to your cloud infrastructure, via fully owned and operated network of BICS,  completely bypassing the public internet. With direct connections with most of the world’s cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM SoftLayer and many others, the BICS Cloud Connect can be completely customised to the specific needs of any enterprise.


Key Features

  • Cost efficient and fair: We only charge for real usage, not port access. Goodbye to exorbitant access charges!
  • Fast provisioning: Reuse your existing physical port if you provision Cloud Connect with other BICS IP services
  • End-to-end secure connectivity: Critical data moves only via authorised hops between your data centre and cloud
  • High performance: SLAs available to guarantee service performance so you can focus on the things that really matter for your business
  • Low latency: Highest levels of performance
  • Guaranteed global reach: Connected to cloud service providers in every part of the globe, eliminating the need to manage multiple service providers
  • Flexible billing model: Choose the payment model that suits your needs
  • Scalable infrastructure: Grows seamlessly with your business
  • Follow the sun customer care support 24x7x365

Why choose BICS for Capacity services?

BICS owns a 100 Gbps capable Optical network with OTN layer covering all major data centres & IP exchanges in Europe.

More than 2 decades’ experience and 500+ customers for SDH, Ethernet and DWDM services. One of Europe’s top capacity providers, we also provide services in APAC, Middle East, Africa, and America. Relationships with almost all major cloud service providers, including AWS Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM SoftLayer. Major backhaul and international interconnect provider for Tier 1 Internet service providers and mobile network operators. Multi-terabit optical core network, combined with Global IP/SDH network.

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