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The network at the heart of international connectivity

enabling the global mobility of people, applications and things

Global Network Infrastructure

We provide an unrivaled wholesale solution portfolio with 140+ access Points-of-Presence worldwide, capacities up to multiple 100 GB and participation in 25+ sea cables. Read more

World’s leading Roaming and Signalling provider

We are the leading global provider of mobile data services (3G, 4G, SMS) and 4G data roaming traffic is doubling year-on-year on our global network. Learn more

Largest Global IPX Network

We operate one of the world's largest IPX networks with more than 600 connected customers and one of the largest portfolios of direct connections to 700+ mobile and fixed destinations across the globe.

Top International Voice Carrier

We are a leading global voice carrier with annual volumes of about 22 billion international minutes. Find out more about our Voice solutions. Learn more

Our Global Communications Solutions

Our solutions are essential for supporting the modern lifestyle of today’s device-hungry consumer – from global mobile connectivity, seamless roaming experiences, and fraud prevention to global messaging and the Internet of Things.

International Voice Solutions


Upgrade your voice business with one of the world’s top voice providers.

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Data and Connectivity Services

Data & Connectivity

Get instant access to the world with our global infrastructure and solutions.

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International Messaging (SMS)


Wide reach and low latency messaging via BICS’ direct routes.

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Cloud Communications

Cloud Communications

Local and cloud numbers, global connectivity and security for the cloud

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Global Roaming


Become an essential travel partner for your roaming customers.

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Business and Network Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Create a competitive advantage and achieve 360° visibility across your network

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Telecoms Fraud-Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your revenue with BICS’ telecoms fraud-prevention services.

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Global IoT Solutions

Global IoT

Global IoT connectivity with multi-networks in 200+ countries

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Discover some of our use-cases

Our solutions enable the digital transformation of entire industries and companies of all sizes. We empower them with the tools to create new services, connect devices and innovate how we communicate with one another. Take a look at some examples below:

We make international communications possible

Global Network Infrastructure
Global Network Infrastructure

Our carrier-grade infrastructure covers 180 countries, and it is comprised of fiber & sea cables, satellite link and connections to the world's major internet exchanges.

Reach to Mobile Operators Worldwide
Reach to Mobile Operators Worldwide

We have a portfolio of more than 700 direct connections to mobile and fixed network operators, and we can reach more than 1,000+ mobile destinations in the world.

Interoperability Hub
Interoperability Hub

Our platforms and solutions span over the different technologies (SS7, GRX, IPX, Cloud) and enable the seamless interoperability of traditional and cloud communications.

Bridging Telecom and Digital
Bridging Telecom and Digital

We are bridging the gap between telecom and the digital world by enabling the convergence of technologies with APIs that empower and transform entire industries.

Leading Global Carrier
Leading Global Carrier

We are a Top Voice Carrier with annual volumes of about 24 billion international minutes, and the Global Leader in Mobile Data services spanning across 2G/3G/4G & Messaging.

Full-Service Solutions
Full-Service Solutions

Our portfolio comprises of full-service solutions for seamless international communications, fraud prevention, business intelligence, cloud comms or the Internet of Things.

What customers say...

First intelligent exoskeleton with global connectivity

"With locations in Germany and Tokyo, as well as customers across the world, German Bionic is a global company that required a global partner to deliver global connectivity – through our collaboration with BICS, the Cray X can be deployed, enhanced, and managed by a growing number of customers across the world.”


BICS and POST Cyberforce launch landmark telecoms security solution

“The combination of POST Luxembourg’s and BICS’ technology and expertise will provide operators with vital intelligence, a suite of proactive and defensive capabilities and unmatched visibility, marking a major step forward in the fight against cyber-crime.”


BICS certified as SIP Trunking provider for Unify’s OpenScape Cloud

"The pairing of Unify’s solutions with BICS’ cloud phone numbers and SIP Trunking capabilities enables our partners to provide a comprehensive UCaaS solution with unrivalled global reach, helping organisations throughout the world to expand and scale"


BICS enables the launch of Monaco Telecom’s first 5G roaming service

"5G technology is a major innovation that enables us to better serve our customers and meet their growing demand for mobility. We broke new ground last summer by rolling out the first fully nationwide 5G service, and, through our close partnership with BICS, have built on this success, meaning more end-users can benefit from borderless, next-generation connectivity.”

Monaco Telecom

Global Cloud Numbers

“Creating and managing such a complex set of international agreements with multiple parties was not matching our affordable connectivity proposition. BICS’ instant API-based provisioning gave us instant access to phone numbers across key strategic markets. This enabled us to focus on our core business strategies without worrying about the technical & legal complexities”

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Protection from Telecoms Fraud

"Safeguarding our revenue from fraudulent activity and protecting our customers’ user experience is a major priority at Swisscom. Reinforcing the focus on fraud protection, Swisscom has chosen the innovative FraudGuard service from its long-standing partner BICS’ to help block fraudulent international call attempts, in and out of our network, proactively as an additional benefit to the other functionalities of the solution."

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Cross border parcel tracking service – ParceLive

“Our ambition for ParceLive has always been to provide the most detailed, current and useful information across the globe. With the help of BICS, that ambition becomes a reality as it ensures that the ParceLive trackers are well connected wherever they go, whatever happens to them.”

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New premium route to Europe through Italy

"Our partnership with BICS confirms the validity of our investment in the AAE-1 consortium, as well as the strength and efficiency of our infrastructure network. Through this unique solution, AAE-1 consortium members will benefit from a greater return on investment as well as increased opportunities for their business. Bari has proved to be an attractive route as an alternative hub, providing greater capacity and connecting Europe and Asia with minimal latency.”

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VoLTE Conferencing

“PGi is proud of its legacy as a cloud innovator and is thrilled to work with carriers to continue to grow our offerings with our mobile collaboration exchange. While we know and understand that business is conducted on a global scale, we also know that mobile networks are not always compatible globally. Together with BICS, our mobile-first, cloud collaboration approach is standardizing the way that mobile operators can connect to PGi’s audio conferencing capabilities and offer a better experience for their enterprise and end-users alike. PGi is utilizing BICS’ secure global network infrastructure and its advanced capabilities to offer a superior audio conferencing experience”.

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Extensive Africa Footprint

“Through this new agreement with BICS, the pan-African footprint of our EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite will step in to provide business continuity for telecom operators and service providers in challenging environments. Together we are committed to ensuring end-user satisfaction, and this cost-effective, unique on-demand solution will automatically secure customer traffic to protect their services and reputation for Quality of Service.”

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World's First Int'l VoLTE Call (Europe - Asia)

“Providing exceptional quality of experience to customers is of paramount importance to us, and launching International VoLTE was the next logical step we needed to take to enhance our voice offering. The BICS platform enables us to offer services at the highest standards while keeping running costs and bandwidth demands low.”

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Seamless Roaming Solutions

“The international reach of our train operations meant providing seamless and reliable mobile connectivity for staff was problematic. In order to support the new range of service-enhancing enterprise apps we needed to find a robust roaming solution which would enable us to improve connectivity between on-board staff abroad and control centres, ultimately improving our punctuality and customer services standards.”

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BICS provides complete voice and data roaming connectivity for Swazi Mobile

“Swazi Mobile selected BICS for its excellency in delivering complex roaming projects in a very short time, as well providing premium roaming services thanks to its worldwide footprint."

Swazi Mobile

China Unicom Global harnesses BICS’ Instant Roaming hub for superior connectivity

"At the beginning of 2017, we launched an overseas mobile virtual network operator service named CUniq in HK, UK and US, allowing customers to enjoy exclusive, excellent and unique mobile communication experiences. Customers can use one-card-multiple-numbers with worldwide data sharing at a local price. It was therefore important for us to select a roaming partner who can truly offer a global solution with minimal time invested. BICS’ carrier-grade solution upgrades our customers’ connectivity around the clock, wherever in the world.”

China Unicom

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Our aim is to bridge the gap between the traditional telecoms world and new unconventional communications service providers across the globe.

"We are in the driver’s seat of our industry’s transformation, and we’ve built a solid business with the ambition of bridging the telecom world with the new and innovative communications providers worldwide. We have both the ambition and the opportunity to build a stronger organization and further advance the international communications market"

Daniel Kurgan - CEO of BICS

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Our mission is to deliver converging international wholesale and interoperability services to existing and future communications providers worldwide.

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Our solutions are essential for supporting the modern lifestyle of today’s device-hungry consumer – from global mobile connectivity, seamless roaming experiences, fraud prevention and authentication, to global messaging and the Internet of Things. Learn more

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