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Large Operator needing an IoT platform

The provision of machine-to-machine connectivity is the next major opportunity for mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

In 2016 mobile operators raised more than €11 billion in revenues from the Internet of Things (IoT)7, with 398 million cellular M2M connections in use by the end of the year. IoT can generate connectivity revenues of up to $50 billion by 2025. M2M connectivity has extremely complex requirements. The industry, the device being connected, the extent of mobility, and many other factors affect the type of connectivity to be provided.

Operators do not have the time or resources needed to develop the right skills, assets and business models needed to create an IoT platform from scratch, especially given the need to counterbalance low per device ARPU by managing costs effectively.


An operator is looking to launch M2M connectivity solutions for enterprises. The operator’s core network is not adapted to M2M, and the lack of a platform API-based integration, portal and real-time ratings make it expensive to launch.

They are looking for a white-label M2M platform to
leapfrog competition, that enables them to support the
device connectivity needs of any enterprise whether local
or global and generate income from comprehensive
SIM management.



Given that there are no pre-existing M2M capabilities, the BICS M2M-in-the-Cloud solution is ideal for this large operator. The platform includes:
• A purpose-built M2M / IoT SIM management platform,
• MVNE platform, and
• Worldwide connectivity.

The operator has the option to determine, for each component of its IoT platform, whether to use BICS’ services or develop its own.



Operators using BICS’ M2M-in-the-Cloud solution can easily develop a profitable, growing M2M business line with services that hit the ‘sweet spot’. The solution is easy for enterprise customers of any vertical to integrate and scales rapidly with their needs and enables operators to provide fast, seamless global interconnectivity for vertical M2M applications.


Cross border parcel tracking service – ParceLive

“Our ambition for ParceLive has always been to provide the most detailed, current and useful information across the globe. With the help of BICS, that ambition becomes a reality as it ensures that the ParceLive trackers are well connected wherever they go, whatever happens to them.”

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