IoT Service Providers

IoT Service Providers

Systems integrators, telecom equipment manufacturers and M2M connectivity providers are using their expertise to help companies assess, define and implement their own IoT road-maps.

IoT opportunities are many, from developing new
applications to offering managed services. One of the most important of these is the management of connectivity and analytics. This is a win-win situation: IoT enterprises extract more value from the products and systems they have bought; the partner leverages the solution to become more relevant while at the same time securing their own business model.

However, IoT service providers do not necessarily possess the capabilities to implement worldwide connectivity as they typically lack a global network footprint.


A large systems integrator has been tasked to provide an end-to-end solution to improve supply chain efficiency for a global manufacturer of high-end electronics.

The manufacturer has suppliers, manufacturing facilities as well as distribution around the globe and wants every component of its supply chain to be integrated into a single management platform offering the following services:
Real-time parcel track-and-trace: To ensure that components and finished goods remain within predefined parameters. When a product in transit is tampered with, or deviates from a pre-set route, real-time alerts should be triggered
Scheduled fleet management: To track mileage, flag maintenance or repair needs for vehicles, conduct worker management and other actions
Supplier collaboration: Automated order placement, fulfillment notifications and financial settlement.



Our IoT connectivity solutions can help this systems integrator achieve competitive and well-managed international roaming. Roaming OSS offers an efficient and streamlined way to deploy or complement roaming coverage for the whole world, allowing M2M connectivity providers to access new multilateral linkages through a single technical and commercial relationship.

Roaming OSS offers a single-window intermediary service and manages the system integrator’s roaming relationships with other operators. Our state-of-the-art and easy to use environment manages all the activities required for rapid service roll-out and easy management, from establishing roaming agreements, to assuming full financial liability to testing to billing and settlement. Roaming quality is guaranteed and day-today operations are simplified.



Roaming OSS is ideal for very large integrators and other players in the value chain with access to a core network, operator license and other telecoms assets. It reduces the lead time needed to develop a global roaming footprint from months to just a few weeks.

Pay-as-you-go scalable implementation also enables systems integrators to avoid high upfront CAPEX and thus offer an attractive implementation model to their customers.

As the global M2M connectivity specialist, the BICS platform keeps pace with the fast-evolving technological landscape and diverse needs of different verticals, fulfilling the complex requirements and network protocols essential to support cellular M2M devices.


Cross border parcel tracking service – ParceLive

“Our ambition for ParceLive has always been to provide the most detailed, current and useful information across the globe. With the help of BICS, that ambition becomes a reality as it ensures that the ParceLive trackers are well connected wherever they go, whatever happens to them.”

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