Growing need for a stronger front against fraud

Operators have limited intelligence on global fraud trends, and are hence inadequately prepared to deal with fraud incidents. Lack of cross-border jurisdiction means that even if fraud is detected, fraudsters can simply move to a new country and start all over again.

Fraud is complex and so is detection, with operators having to scan for multiple means of committing fraud (roaming, theft, subscription, hacking and many more). Criminals operate round the clock – for operators, maintaining a 24 x 7 fraud ops team is expensive and often not feasible.

European Operator Case-Study

A Tier 1 European operator wanted to protect its network and customers from growing levels of telecom voice fraud.

It experienced growing levels of fraud committed by outbound & inbound roamers. Roaming is the biggest enabler for the most prevalent types of mobile telecom fraud – International Revenue Share fraud and Premium Rate Service fraud

PBX hacking fraud incidents had increased sharply. To perpetrate this fraud scam, fraudsters hacked into enterprise PBX systems. They then placed many calls as possible to international premium rate numbers or other international expensive destinations that they owned or where they intended to receive a share of the revenue generated.


BICS FraudGuard for Voice and Voice Roaming Firewall

BICS FraudGuard for Voice:

  • Proactively blocking known frauds & timely detection & action on new frauds in outbound international voice traffic generated by domestic subscribers & inbound roamers

BICS Voice Roaming Firewall:

  • Proactively blocking fraud attempts by outbound roamers in real time at the signalling level.


  • 121,000 fraud attempts blocked proactively within 12 months
  • Wholesale exposure of almost US$ 2 million averted
  • Significant reduction in traffic pay-outs, especially for risky destinations

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