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Welcome to the BICS Universe

Our identity is not just a logo. It is a graphic system composed of a number of tools that come together to create a distinctive look and feel that makes the BICS brand instantly recognisable.
These guidelines are designed to assist you in producing compelling communications with a high degree of creative flexibility.

You are precious brand guardians. Our identity it is as efficient as the materials we produce, and the execution remains in the control of skilled people who fully understand the brand’s visual codes. Convergence and homogeneity can only be achieved when all visuals principles are applied.

“Deliver converging international wholesale solutions to existing and future communications service providers worldwide”

"To continually strive to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and interoperability for each of the services we offer and reinforce our leading position in delivering international solutions."

Our Values

Think Global

At BICS, we think global and we value local flavors in everything we do. We embrace all cultures and respect every individual in our workplace and business relationships.

Act Professional
We share a collective responsibility for our company's reputation and image. At BICS, we act professional and we continuously improve our attitudes, practices and skills.
Deliver Together
At BICS, we motivate each other to create a positive and productive environment. We value the contribution of all our colleagues, and we know that together we deliver more.

Corporate Elements



The logo is the most visible element of our identity: a universal signature across all communications. It’s a guarantee of quality that unites our diverse services and solutions. Because the logo is such a recognisable and highly visible brand asset, it is vital that it is always applied consistently wherever it appears.
No logotype modification is allowed.



The Geeko is the distinctive and one of the most recognizable elements of our identity. It can be used separately mostly for digital or signage. Do not alter its proportions.





Corporate Colours


Main Colour
60% of colours in corporate materials

Pantone coated P 2756 C
CMYK: 100 94 0 29
RGB: 4 38 110
WEB: #16216c


Accent Colour
30% of colours in corporate materials

Pantone coated P Rubine Red C
CMYK: 0 100 15 4
RGB: 220 0 107
WEB: #D1005D


Auxiliary Colour
10% of colours in corporate materials

Pantone coated P 576 C
CMYK: 53 44 44 19
RGB: 125 125 125
WEB: #7d7d7d

BICS Connectors Concept

BICS is the bridge between mobile and cloud communications
BICS plays a crucial role for international communications, by facilitating the seamless communication of different operators and technologies with one single connection to our network.

A Hub of Interoperability
Any service provider can connect to our network and get instant access to reliable and secure mobile experiences anytime, anywhere.


How to use the Connectors
The "connectors" illustration is a key element of BICS' branding and it should always be used in pairs of 2, as BICS is facilitating the communications between 2 different connections. The connector elements can be adapted in length and colour to fit to the desired design. No alterations to the proportions.

Corporate Visual

Our corporate image is made of a flat design illustration to distinguish and foster the creativity of our designs.
  • BICS logo in the cloud with Connectors
  • Globe or Global Map
  • Space for content, keep it short
  • Pre-designed footer illustration
  • BICS Pink Frame (optional)
  • Do not alter existing illustrations

connecting the world, enabling value

Our tagline explains to the world who we are and what are we doing. We try as much as possible to include it in all corporate communications

BICS Official Fonts

ARIAL (simple)
For all web content and Office content (Word, PowerPoint, Excel ...) we use Arial simple, no bold or strong, at a size of 10px for emails or higher depending on the document.

VAG & Muli

For all marketing collaterals and other official documents we use VAG for titles and lead text and Muli for body text. These fonts can only be used with marketing's approval.

BICS is ...

  • Agile
  • Contemporary
  • Easy to work with
  • Excellence
  • Professional
  • Engaging

Tone of Voice

Understated Confidence

To know what we are talking about, without doing it arrogantly, but through demonstrating understanding, market knowledge, technical expertise and practical experience.

International Outlook

To have a perspective that we are global and at the same time home country neutral, and a clear understanding of the insights and nuisances of working in a worldwide market.

Exciting & Compelling

To immediately engage the reader through conviction, excitement and enthusiasm for the market, our services and meeting the customers needs.

Concise and Clear

To avoid overly complex and jargon filled language. To ensure the messages are expressed simply, clearly and deliver clarify of thought and understanding.

Secondary Colour Palette


Secondary Colour

Pantone coated P 2756 C
CMYK: 100 94 0 29
RGB: 4 38 110
WEB: #16216c


Secondary Colour

Pantone coated P 2756 C
CMYK: 100 94 0 29
RGB: 4 38 110
WEB: #16216c


Secondary Colour

Pantone coated P 2756 C
CMYK: 100 94 0 29
RGB: 4 38 110
WEB: #16216c

How to use the secondary colours

Each colour is associated to a conceptual illustration as seen below. For consistency reasons, please use them as they were designed.

Purple - People

We use Purple in connection to our very human side while our solutions are essential for supporting the modern lifestyle of today’s device-hungry consumer'.



Green - Nature

We use Green to illustrate our global coverage and that we are everywhere, in nature or else.



Orange - City Skylines

We use Orange in connection to our global presence and offices around the world, while also showing our global approach.



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