International Messaging (SMS)

International Messaging (SMS)

New growth and revenue streams with the power of SMS

With 23 billion messages sent and received globally every day, SMS is one of the world’s most ubiquitous and reliable means of communications. Our messaging solutions offer reliable 2-way SMS exchange and one-to-many SMS delivery. Achieve wide reach and low latency messaging via BICS’ direct routes.

  • Extensive on-net coverage and peering agreements across the globe
  • Over 700 direct routes with the best-in-class service quality
  • The expertise of a major player for fastest time-to-market

Simplify your SMS provision via one of the largest SMS networks available

With dramatic increases in the number of global subscribers, networks and technologies, offering reliable and widespread SMS service is a laborious process. Use SMS to interact with more than 7 billion users around the world in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Through extensive on-net coverage and peering agreements, we offer seamless 2-way SMS exchange with more than 1,000 mobile operators and MVNOs worldwide.

BICS Whitepaper on Messaging

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Messaging Services

A2P - Application to Person Messaging

Tap into the power of business communications with A2P Messaging. Designed for enterprises, BICS offers unrivalled global reach through 400+ direct connections and full support for long numbers, shortcodes and alpha-numeric Sender ID. Send interactive messages, alerts and notifications, authentication codes and more using BICS’ A2P Messaging solution available via API, taking advantage of the reliability and scalability of our global network that handles more than 15 billion international messages each year.

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P2P - Person to Person Messaging

BICS’ P2P messaging solution provides MNOs and MVNOs with reliable, low latency two-way SMS exchange with more than 1,000 mobile operators and MVNOs worldwide. The solution offers reliability and speed of delivery with backup routes, integrated delivery receipts and an advanced anti-fraud solution. All delivered over a secure network that transports more than 15 billion P2P messages every year.

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