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Business and Network Intelligence

Insight to improve customer experience and profitability

Create competitive advantage through big data. Take a deep dive into your consumers’ preferences and increase loyalty through customized offerings based on real-time insight. Achieve 360° visibility across your network for more efficiency, timely troubleshooting and a more profitable roaming business.

  • Advanced end-to-end traffic monitoring, reporting and business intelligence tools
  • We analyze over 2 billion records in near-real time every day

Enhance the customer experience and personalization with the power of insights

Gain value from user-generated data with our advanced end-to-end traffic monitoring, reporting and business intelligence tools. Increase customer intimacy and offer the optimal roaming experience through real time monitoring and 24/7 customer support.

360° visibility across your network and roaming traffic performance

Get a full view of the performance of your roaming traffic and get accurate, in-depth understanding of roaming usage, revenue and behavior patterns.

By analyzing over 2 billion records in near-real time every day, our roaming business intelligence and analytics solution gives you competitive advantage through customization, an enhanced customer experience, and service quality.

Gain visibility and control over M2M roaming

Automatically identify how many M2M and IoT devices are on the network as well as their device type and usage behavior characteristics. Use those insights to discover and triage anomalies – i.e. silent roamers showing machine behaviors, or machines behaving like humans.

Find new inbound roaming use cases and monetization opportunities through machine learning data analysis and reporting.

Business Intelligence Services

Advanced Analytics

M2M and IoT devices have changed roaming patterns, but operators now risk missing out on revenue opportunities because it’s difficult to differentiate between human and machine devices. Advanced Analytics reverses that trend, putting power in the hands of operators to automatically detect, optimize, and monetize M2M roaming traffic with unrivalled accuracy. Unlock new roaming insights with Advanced Analytics.

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SMART Webvision

SMART Webvision offers an innovative suite of advanced web-based tools enabling customers to access over one terabyte of traffic and big data in near-real time. SMART provides operators with an end-to-end view of their roaming business, allowing them to optimize their subscribers’ roaming experience, boost revenues from 2G/3G/4G roaming and access truly actionable business insights.

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