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BICS wins Future Digital Award for Best Robocall Mitigation Solution

by BICS | January 24, 2024

BICS wins Future Digital Award for Best Robocall Mitigation Solution
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Juniper Research has recognized BICS’ FraudGuard platform with a Telco Innovation Award for its effectiveness in mitigating international voice fraud    

BICS is pleased to announce it has won a Future Digital Award in ‘Telco Innovation’ for ‘Best Robocall Mitigation Solution’. Presented by Juniper Research, the awards recognize organizations that have ‘made outstanding contributions to their industry and are positioned to make a significant impact in the future.’ The Security & Fraud Innovation category marks the leading players in the network security and anti-fraud space. 

The solution to win the award, BICS’ FraudGuard platform, is the first-of-its-kind international fraud prevention service, leveraging an extensive network of over 900 service providers. FraudGuard uses a crowdsourcing model to automatically analyze the global traffic of BICS’ worldwide network, providing 24/7 protection from these attacks and detecting fraudulent activity before it can impact customers.  

It’s the world’s largest threat intelligence database which to date has:

  • Collected a list of more than 55 million proven fraudulent numbers and counting 
  • Saved customers over €2.3 billion in potential losses 
  • Proactively blocked more than 550 million fraud attacks yearly

“BICS has been leading the charge against voice fraud, which costs consumers, operators and enterprises around the world billions in losses every year, for some time,” says Katia González Head of Fraud Prevention Operations and Services at BICS. “While there is still much work to be done in this space to truly close the loop, it’s great to be recognized for our achievements by Juniper. A special thank you to BICS’ amazing Fraud Operations team, led Alexandre Ameloot and Andril Ivanov, as well as to Yevhen Yusyk, this wouldn’t be possible without your and your teams’ hard work and dedication.”