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BICS becomes Partner in Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

by BICS | September 15, 2022

BICS becomes Partner in Microsoft Teams Operator Connect
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BICS SIP Trunking solution enables Teams Phone with Cloud Telephony, removing the need for fixed lines and regular PSTN services.

Global communications provider BICS has been named Operator Connect Partner for Microsoft Teams, enabling enterprises to make national and international calls via the Teams phone system. The BICS SIP Trunking services are fully integrated with Teams, meaning that enterprises no longer have to buy regular Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services. This makes the process and adoption of MS Teams for businesses much more straightforward.

Operator Connect is part of Microsoft’s Bring Your Own Carrier offering and enables national and international calls from the Teams collaboration platform. The BICS SIP Trunking services enable fully featured cloud telephony services across multiple countries, fully integrated with Microsoft Teams in the Azure cloud.  These voice services are fully compliant with local regulations across the 20 countries currently covered under the BICS and Microsoft partnership.

BICS SIP Trunking solution is built around an expansive, resilient, and geo-redundant voice network. It offers unique benefits to end-users, including emergency calls and short code calling. Enterprises also have access to more tools to help them manage and monitor the SIP Trunking services, including access to Call Data Records (CDRs), self-service number management and a customized Quality of Service monitoring dashboard.

Operator Connect is another milestone in the digitalization of the workplace and for global connectivity in general. It allows people to work from anywhere and still stay fully connected to their colleagues, customers and vendors,” says Divya Ghai Wakankar, VP of Enterprise Market at BICS. “By enabling Microsoft Teams voice, BICS is making it easy for enterprises to enjoy the reliability and quality of SIP services across our global network.’