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BICS and Telcofan partner to streamline private networks

by BICS | December 5, 2023

BICS and Telcofan partner to streamline private networks
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The collaboration will make it easier for enterprises to adopt private networks, removing complexities like provisioning SIM cards and enabling device roaming.

International connectivity and 5G enabler BICS has partnered with Telcofan, a leading consultancy and system integrator, to support the delivery of private networks for businesses. The partnership will solve many technical challenges associated with connecting IoT devices to private networks, such as initial setup and ensuring consistent connectivity for travelling devices.

By collaborating with BICS, Telcofan will be able to provide customers with SIMs and eSIMs for their connected devices, such as smart factory components or tracking chips for shipping pallets. Thanks to an accompanying SIM management platform, organisations will be able to flexibly set up and manage multiple connected devices in real-time. BICS and Telcofan are also empowering eSIMs to more easily roam between public and private networks as well as to use national public networks as a backup. The collaboration means organisations can more easily implement use cases that require end-to-end connectivity, such as asset tracking and mission-critical applications.

This solution also eliminates the need for complex operator agreements, helping enterprises avoid network “lock-in” and enabling devices to roam freely across global networks. BICS and Telcofan will provide SIMs ready to connect out-of-box, so businesses can focus on innovating without the hassles of setup and connectivity configuration.

“Private networks, particularly in the case of 5G, promise to transform businesses like manufacturing and logistics, but technical complexity can be a barrier to adoption,” says Lieven Vanthomme, Managing Director at Telcofan. “Alongside BICS, Telcofan is making it easier than ever with one SIM, with one unique identity, to use on your private network or even an operator network.”

Businesses across various industries including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and security are increasingly looking to adopt private mobile networks to connect on-site technology such as machines and IoT devices. Private networks promise to deliver more consistent connectivity and greater security. Yet setting them up can be tricky, and this initial hurdle is often hard to surpass. These networks are, by definition, fairly bespoke, so an integrator like Telcofan must be able to meet different technical requirements while making setup as seamless as possible for its customers.

This collaboration is the latest in a string of developments from BICS closing the connectivity gap for businesses deploying advanced technology like the IoT and private networks. Through collaborations like this as well as with other players in the space such as Microsoft, Thales and Able Device, BICS is simplifying the enterprise IoT landscape and removing technical barriers for businesses looking to improve the efficiency and security of their operations across a multitude of industries.

“As businesses look to leverage next-gen technology like M2M and IoT, companies like BICS and Telcofan can help handle connectivity requirements without enterprises having to plunge into the world of telco,” says Divya Ghai Wakankar, VP of Enterprise Business & Marketing at BICS. “With BICS and Telcofan, businesses now have access to a global SIM/eSIM and a platform that makes connecting devices simple, from network roaming through to SIM provisioning.”