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BICS and Everbridge partner for global critical event communications

by BICS | February 23, 2023

BICS and Everbridge partner for global critical event communications
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BICS will support Everbridge as a communications partner, extending the reach of its Critical Event Management (CEM) platform to communities, businesses, and countries around the world.


International communications platform company, BICS, has partnered with Critical Event Management (CEM) provider, Everbridge, to further enhance the reach and reliability of Everbridge’s mass notification system worldwide. The partnership will provide even more governments, businesses, and communities access to the reliable communications capabilities that are essential for their resilience.

Threats to people and organizations can come from anywhere, wherever you are in the world, be it natural disasters, civil unrest, workplace violence or cyber-attacks. In the modern world where people are digitally connected via their phones and devices, warning systems have evolved to leverage these new modalities. Everbridge’s coordinated response systems protect people and keep them informed before, during, and after such scenarios. Its mass notification system can send warnings to employees and visitors or to residents within a certain geographic area and alert people in a range of ways, including texts, automated voice calls, and flash messages.

“The role of telecommunications in disasters and emergencies is crucial in keeping people safe. BICS is proud to be playing its part in providing a safer, more connected world when it matters most,” says Divya Ghai Wakankar, VP Enterprise Market at BICS. “Our mission to connect communities and create opportunities is perfectly aligned with this, providing potentially life-changing telecommunication services through our global communications platform. Our partnership with Everbridge will have a real impact on human lives, particularly in remote and vulnerable communities, ensuring that people everywhere remain connected to critical services.”

Naturally, these life-saving messaging systems need to be ultra-reliable. That means the solution must be supported by a best-in-class network wherever it is being deployed around the world. Everbridge works with several telecom companies to power its communications, but this partnership with BICS is notable due to the scale and global reach of BICS’ backbone network. Importantly, the partnership allows Everbridge to expand its services to new areas around the world, but it will also mean a stronger more intelligent network underpinning it, providing additional benefits like security and business intelligence.

“At Everbridge, our mission is to keep people safe and organizations running, and our global infrastructure has always been a key part of this,” says Dominic Jones, SVP of Business Development, Partners & Alliances at Everbridge. “In the event of a disaster, communications need to be quick and reliable – delays of even seconds can change lives. Working with BICS, one of the strongest communications networks in the world, helps us to support organizational resilience in even more communities, businesses, and countries.”