BICS Instant Peering – the easiest way to expand network capacity

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Sophisticated peering at your fingertips

Instantly expand your network footprint with minimal management, while maintaining cost control, with the BICS Instant Peering solution.
Access all the information you need to evaluate exactly where and who to peer with, and simply let us know what you need. BICS’ capacity experts will establish and manage all your peering relationships – letting you focus on your core business.

Easily manage new and existing peering connections via the integrated Instant Peering platform, gaining:

  • Access to the biggest IXPs worldwide
  • Peering evaluations
  • Reduced administration
  • Access to BICS’ global infrastructure

Gain a clear view of peers, IXPs and latency at your fingertips and benefit from:

  • Network expansion via a single port
  • Minimal latency
  • Improved customer QoE
  • Reduced CAPEX

Our user-friendly interface makes peering simple

Explore a wide range of free and paid-for peering functionalities through our integrated graphical user interface (GUI):
  • Request and activate peering connections
  • Provision where and who to peer with
  • Show available connections
  • Implement physical and commercial agreements
A single view of all peering relations in the network offers you the flexibility to control and manage network expansion as needed.
Take the hassle out of peering with BICS Instant Peering platform.

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