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BICS enables Hanhaa's ParceLive to offer clients real-time updates and alerts about shipments anytime, anywhere

Hanhaa’s Parcelive service allows users to determine the exact location and condition of their shipment in real time, no matter the carrier, anywhere in the world. Parcelive is a worldwide service and Hanhaa needed it to work seamlessly anywhere there is a mobile phone signal, sending information on the parcel’s location and physical condition.

Using BICS for its global data, roaming and SMS capabilities, Hanhaa was able to deliver the real-time visibility that its customers demanded with seamless connectivity.


Hanhaa, a mobile services company focussed on IoT and M2M applications, wanted to offer its logistics clients a way to track their parcels in real-time as they made their way across the world to give users key insights into the location, condition and security of their packages.

Hanhaa developed a post card sized device that contains an embedded SIM and sensors, which uses the local mobile network to automatically send updates on the location and condition of any parcel it is placed in.



The challenge was to ensure that the ParceLive service remained within network coverage no matter where it was sent around the world, so that Hanhaa could deliver on its promise of non-stop real-time tracking from dispatch to delivery.



BICS’ global network seamlessly extends Hanhaa’s own mobile network, giving it a global footprint and ensuring that information about the location and condition of ParceLive devices is always available to customers. Easy implementation through standard APIs that delivers all the data Hanhaa needs for in-depth analytics but without the need for specialist teams and long-winded integration procedures.

A fully virtualised core network and cloud infrastructure allowed Hanhaa to minimise upfront and running costs.


Cross border parcel tracking service – ParceLive

“Our ambition for ParceLive has always been to provide the most detailed, current and useful information across the globe. With the help of BICS, that ambition becomes a reality as it ensures that the ParceLive trackers are well connected wherever they go, whatever happens to them.”

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