Ring4 is a well-established app that distributed more than 200,000 smart phone numbers on-demand in the US market. In 2017 the company strategically decided to build upon their domestic success and expand its second phone line service to become a leading provider of cloud communications services for businesses and consumers in key markets like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Belgium, Netherlands,  Austria.

Underpinning International
Expansion in a matter of weeks

Challenge 1
Acquiring cloud-based numbers in each expansion
market was complex and time-consuming

Challenge 2
High yield capacity investments offer business
opportunities, but go hand-in-hand with greater risk.

Turnkey Cloud Communication Solution

Cloud Numbers
Covering +120 countries in US, Europe & Africa

Variety of Number types
Inbound/ Toll-free/ Mobile Numbers

High Definition Mobile-First Voice capabilities with International VoLTE

Mobile Numbers & Accessible Phone Connectivity

A global digital hub like BICS has the capabilities to instantly provision local cloud numbers and fast, reliable connectivity to telecoms operators and digital service providers across the world, while keeping the cost of ownership low.

Global Cloud Numbers

“Creating and managing such a complex set of international agreements with multiple parties was not matching our affordable connectivity proposition. BICS’ instant API-based provisioning gave us instant access to phone numbers across key strategic markets. This enabled us to focus on our core business strategies without worrying about the technical & legal complexities”

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