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Every IoT layer is prone to different risks. This creates a broad range of threats, from data interception and impersonation, to location tracking, denial of service and service frauds.

Adoption of basic security measures and protection to reduce the attack surface at each layer can have a huge impact on the overall level of deployment security.


Security is one of the most significant barriers to IoT deployment, together with funding, interoperability and the business model. Fraud is growing in this area, and industry leaders across the ecosystem agree that securing the IoT application is the only way to fully develop its business potential. The good news is that the vast majority of attacks can be prevented, and the resilience of any IoT deployment significantly improved, with measures that are simple and cost-effective to implement.

This white paper explains how mobile connectivity is a central enabler of IoT security. It outlines best practice advice for protection built in at each layer of an IoT solution, and at every stage of its development.

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