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Network operators are the backbone of today’s digital economy. Led by explosive demand for bandwidth and connectivity from consumers and businesses, the opportunities available to them are numerous.

However, finding the right balance between meeting this demand, stimulating further revenue growth via new services, and maintaining a consistent Quality of Experience throughout, will not be straightforward. To tackle the challenge ahead, the existing relationship between service provider and wholesale partner needs to adapt. This paper looks at how and why this will become a reality. It also assesses the several areas where a wholesale partner can help drive new business models and prepare network operators for what’s coming next.

Data traffic on today’s networks is at unprecedented levels, driven by consumers’ global digital lifestyles and enterprises shifting to cloud services and Software Defined Wide Area Networks delivered over the public internet. These trends have resulted in global traffic rising by over 60% in 2016 alone. Mobile data usage has also grown 18-fold in the last five years.

Network operators have a key role to play in supporting this data led ecosystem, and tremendous growth awaits those that get it right. Their first task should be to re-imagine the wholesale capacity provider relationship to meet these emerging needs.

By recognising the avenues where a wholesale provider can offer both Quality of Experience (QoE) and value, network operators will be able to gear up for future growth and possess the tools to generate additional revenue from new services and markets.

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