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Millions of people cross international borders every day, and their smartphones go with them. This evidently holds huge potential when it comes to growing international roaming revenues for operators and MVNOs alike.

However, the reality is that a group of complex factors have made it difficult for them to get roaming right in practice. Instead of growing roaming revenues in tandem with international travel and smartphone use, many operators are seeing this revenue stream roam away from them.

The solution to this problem lies in better analytics and mining of the wealth of network and subscriber information that operators already collect.

Juniper Research expects big data analytics will help operators to generate an additional $85 billion in the next five years alone. All that’s needed is the right set of tools to unlock the hidden value of the mobile network.

Business Intelligence can offer value to operators’ roaming businesses at a number of different levels from network performance optimisation to sophisticated predictive analytics enabling micro targeting based on travel patterns.

Operators can use analytics to yield insights into roaming behavior, fraud and VIP subscriber activity that they can use to better understand and interpret subscriber behaviors and preferences, thereby improving the roaming experience.

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