BICS Cloud Communications API

Application programming interface for cloud numbers
Stock check | Price check | Provisioning

Use BICS APIs to simplify and make cloud number management real-time. Integrate your own systems or white-label them for your customers.


Easy to deploy, no manual intervention or protocols needed


Based on industry standards, compatible with any platform


Documentation and 24 x 7 help desk

White label

Offer API-based number provisioning to your own clients

Put our APIs to work for you!

Number Portability

  • Request to port your numbers
  • Track the status of your porting requests

Country Restrictions

  • Check the specifications and services of countries where BICS offers numbers


Check Location

  • Checking of all the locations in a country where numbers are available
  • Checking for both fixed or mobile numbers

Check Stock and Availability

  • Stock and availability checking of fixed and mobile numbers in different locations
  • Real-time updates on numbers and types available in each market

Check Price

  • Price checking of different types of numbers in different markets
  • Real-time updates on prices applicable to each market

Order Number or Number Range

  • Ordering of number ranges country, city or region, individually or in a range
  • Numbers provisioned within seconds with voice pre-enabled

Address management

Address input and management to meet regulatory requirements in key markets

Validation of addresses and supporting documents for a seamless experience

Numbers in stock

Retrieve a list of available numbers we have in stock

Select and order specific numbers

Retrieve a list of numbers available to purchase
Order one or multiple specific numbers


Get your inventory of numbers

Single number details

Get details of a single number in your inventory

Routing details

Update your routing details


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