Simplifying international voice traffic management: 4 reasons to partner with a global voice carrier

by BICS | April 5, 2021

Simplifying international voice traffic management: 4 reasons to partner with a global voice carrier
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Telecommunications service providers are at a major turning point when it comes to managing their international voice business. Despite the challenges within the technical and commercial relationships that facilitate their international voice traffic – and an increasing number of external factors threatening their bottom line – operators are under greater pressure to ensure profitability.

A complex voice landscape

To understand how operators can more successfully operate their voice business, it is first worth understanding the market context. One of the major challenges is increasing competition from over-the-top (OTT) players like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber, which account for more than 1 trillion minutes of calls annually. Voice over IP services such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams pose a similar threat with the global market size expected to reach $194.5 billion by the end of 2025. As these new players erode existing subscriber bases, operators must also tackle voice fraud targeting their existing customers, which costs them an average of 1.74% of their revenues annually.

Aside from a growing number of challenges in the voice market, operators are also burdened with increasing complexity in managing the voice business itself (e.g. origin-based routing and pricing). In order to differentiate their solutions and drive revenue, they need to grow their existing staff, resources, and infrastructure while also managing multiple generations of technology (from 2G through to 5G and LTE). However, this all incurs additional costs and generates further complexity in their operations. Not only can this decrease profitability but impact the customer experience; whether that be the result of inconsistent QoE or greater vulnerability to voice fraud.

Partnering with a global voice carrier to reduce operational complexities and evolve the voice offering

Transferring the operational hassle of voice traffic management to external domain experts like BICS can help operators streamline their offering and futureproof their voice business against market challenges. Built on our decades of global leadership in international telecoms, a managed solution model can:

  1. Streamline management and drive operational efficiencies

Telecommunications service providers can run their international voice business via a single commercial relationship and invoice. Replacing multiple technical and commercial relationships with numerous providers, operators can unlock new efficiencies in their voice business via one dedicated partner.

  1. Tap into a global network ready to support your voice business

Operators can also benefit from significant economies of scale and access to their partner’s existing network of relationships, allowing them to more competitively price their voice services.

  1. Guarantee Quality of Service and increase Quality of Experience

A managed voice model comes with high-quality direct interconnections in 180+ countries that ensure high-quality voice termination globally. Operators can deliver a consistent, premium customer experience using the expertise of their partner while gaining access to proactive monitoring technologies and 24/7 customer support. This will allow them to detect and address QoE issues before they impact the end user.

  1. Traffic security

Through a managed provider, operators can mitigate the threat of fraud to their voice business, especially common methods such as call hijacking, call spoofing, call spamming and Wangiri attacks. With greater access to fraud protection from a provider, operators can better protect their subscribers and their bottom line.

Managing voice telecoms services is becoming more and more complex due to rapid technological advancements and increasing pressure for seamless QoE. This is why partnering with a global voice carrier like BICS can remove the operational burden and enable operators to focus on their core business for a seamless customer experience.

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