Ensure high QoS for your global IoT fleet with intelligent data analytics

by BICS | January 28, 2021

Ensure high QoS for your global IoT fleet with intelligent data analytics
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Recent years have witnessed a steady increase in momentum of connected service rollouts in sectors including logistics, healthcare, security, and global asset tracking: current estimates are that there will be 5 billion cellular IoT devices by 2025.

In order to be successful, global enterprises must ensure that their connected devices can provide a high quality of experience and consistent service. Their customers expect the connected services they purchase to be supported by strong and consistent SLAs worldwide.

Actionable insights, not just connectivity

But getting the connectivity set up is just the first stage of the deployment. To run a profitable connected business, global enterprises need to understand how their devices are performing: in real-time.

Are some devices having problems connecting to the network? Are there some countries or locations where service is poor? Are certain devices demonstrating unexpected data transmission patterns? This is the type of rich, granular insight that companies need – in real-time – to understand and manage how connected devices are performing.

With a complex end-to-end ecosystem involving device, connectivity and application, it can be difficult for enterprises to proactively track quality of service, especially for large fleets of devices roaming across multiple borders. This in turn compromises the Service Level Agreements (SLA) that they must offer to their customers.

The BICS SMART for SIM for Things solution is a powerful tool with a light footprint. It enables enterprises to gain better insight into the performance of their connected SIMs to achieve better control, and provide enhanced support and protection for connected devices across their SLA. The solution provides companies visibility over a wide range of parameters including device connectivity, usage patterns and quality of service – helping deliver a granular understanding of the performance of any large-scale connected business.

Real-time tracking of connectivity status of the entire fleet, at the global and country level, combined with customizable usage and quality of service notifications, provides enterprises with the flexibility to define the KPIs that best suit their connected service. Enterprises can proactively detect and address any connectivity issues even before customers notice: enabling them to differentiate on the basis of QoS and comprehensive SLAs.

24/ 7 follow-the-sun customer support and a comprehensive, intuitive user interface with features such as visualizing IoT SIM activity over the past 30 days, enable organizations to easily troubleshoot right down to the device level.

Application issues and malicious traffic have a negative impact on enterprise customers, as well as revenue from the reputational damages of fraud. Enterprises need insight into irregular usage behaviors to avoid this. SMART for SIM for Things allows enterprises to first identify typical patterns of usage and then create alerts for any deviation from these established patterns and can be made even more specific by attributing risk profiles to individual devices.

Timely resolution for improved customer service

To provide a connected service that is superior to the competition, and ensure a resilient SLA, enterprises need the ability to rapidly track, trace and troubleshoot their fleets right down to the individual device level: the success of a connected business often depends upon this.

SMART for SIM for Things provides the right insights through a scalable big data ecosystem and the appropriate tools to understand device connectivity, behavior and security issues. With its real-time data and historical analytics capabilities, enterprises can resolve potential problems before their customers even know about them.

By equipping enterprises with powerful tools and insights, we are enabling enterprises to deploy superior global IoT solutions that can differentiate through high quality services everywhere. To find out more about how BICS SMART for SIM for Things can benefit your IoT business, get in touch.