5 ways communications technology can impact enterprises’ digital transformation

by BICS | October 12, 2023

5 ways communications technology can impact enterprises’ digital transformation
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Technological development in the past decade has transformed enterprise communications. From re-shaping customer interactions to facilitating remote work with always-on connectivity, the methods of engagement have been a fundamentally changed. 

To adapt, enterprises require integrated platforms and advanced tools to streamline communications workflows and broaden the horizon for customer engagement, ensuring more agile, responsive, and efficient operations.  

Customer engagement: redefining interactions in an always-connected world 

In many ways, customer expectations have never been as high as they are today. This shift in customer behavior has radically changed the role of customer experience in enterprises’ strategy and organization.  

Accommodating the needs of the “always on” customer means placing CX at the heart of business decisions to retain your competitive edge. This isn’t mere theory: the numbers back it up. In fact, 90% of companies now compete on customer experience – a significant jump from just 28% five years ago.  

Beyond transactions: the profound impact of effective communications  

 Communication is pivotal in shaping customer engagement and experience. It builds trust, helping brands convey reliability and consistency. By understanding customer needs and preferences, businesses can personalize offerings and ensure a two-way feedback mechanism.  

Effective communication resolves issues, fosters long-term relationships, and maintains a consistent brand image. It also educates customers, drives deeper engagement through meaningful content, and enhances accessibility by being available across preferred channels. Ultimately, it acts as a foundational bridge, connecting businesses with customers and fostering loyalty and sustained engagement. 

Digital solutions for digital needs 

This is where technology comes in. Enterprises might wish to improve customer experience at all costs, but “traditional” ways of doing so no longer cut it.  

Increasingly, customers need personalization. They want the right information, at the right time, on their preferred channel. 

Their unique expectations can only be met with the help of technology, whether in the form of data and analytics, automated chatbots, or intelligent tracking. 

The shift from traditional communication channels to integrated digital platforms allows businesses to operate seamlessly in a globalized environment, fostering innovation, driving scalability, and enhancing the overall customer experience. This evolution, powered by technological advancements in communications, is setting the blueprint for the modern, connected enterprise. 

Let’s explore how. 

1. Enabling personalization 

 Integrating more modern communications technology allows for maximum optimization. This means refining the communication tactics, times, styles, and information involved to the specific industry, company, interaction, and crucially, customer. 

Tailoring communications to the individual preferences and behaviors of customers ensures that their interactions with a brand are relevant, meaningful, and memorable. 

Overall, personalization makes the customer feel valued and known by the organization, creating more repeat buyers on the way – an essential factor when brand loyalty is at an all-time low. 

2. Providing value across departments and functions 

 The beauty of communications technology is also its versatility. Because of easy integration within the existing technology ecosystem, it can be adapted to suit many functions.   

Communications technology has emerged as cornerstone for modern organizations, weaving its transformative potential across diverse functions.  

  • In marketing, it empowers teams with advanced analytics and tailored campaigns to reach audiences more effectively.  
  • Within operations, it streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and drives efficiencies through real-time data sharing and process automation.  
  • Meanwhile, in customer support, this technology enables rapid response times, multichannel accessibility, and a more personalized service experience.  

Altogether, communications technology integrates and amplifies value across the entire organizational spectrum. 

3. Improving operational efficiency  

Communications technology and integrated platforms are critical to harnessing operational efficiency and consistency across the organization.  

By knitting together disparate systems and channels, these platforms foster an environment of unified interaction and data sharing, simplifying processes and enabling significant time savings.  

4. Creating smoother workflows through automation  

 In today’s enterprise landscape, the integration of automation and communications platforms is transformative. Together, they streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and foster data-driven decision-making.  

By automating repetitive tasks and facilitating real-time data analysis, businesses can operate more efficiently, ensuring consistent and personalized interactions with stakeholders. Moreover, these platforms allow for seamless integration with other enterprise systems, ensuring a unified operational ecosystem.  

Ultimately, they not only boost efficiency but also elevate the quality of business processes and customer interactions in a digital era.

5. Saving time and costs 

Powered by communications technology, enterprises work like a well-oiled machine. Queries are resolved more quickly. Teams dedicate their time to more valuable, forward-thinking tasks.  

Most importantly, the rate of abandoned transactions plummets, protecting the bottom line. 

Transform enterprise communications with BICS 

BICS MESO®, our own customer engagement platform was built for businesses ready for change. With it, businesses can remove siloes from their customer journey and supercharge digital transformation across the entire organization. 

BICS MESO® follows our legacy of providing reliable and secure global communications, running on a fully owned network.  

BICS MESO® connects over 200 countries, powered by a well-established global operator connection. It allows enterprises to scale up in any geography while keeping the quality of operations consistent and reliable. 

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