Voice Webvision - Complete view of traffic, quality of service, trunk occupancy CLI delivery and fraud protection

Business Intelligence
In order to enable growth through customized and sustainable offerings to their end-users, operators need a solution that offers them an overview of their inbound and outbound voice traffic.
Voice Webvision provides operators & groups of operators a complete view of Traffic, Quality of Service, Trunk Occupancy, CLI delivery and CDR download. In addition Voice Webvision offers a fraud-prevention solution.

Key Features

  • Traffic Module: provides an overview of the incoming and outgoing minutes per destination with a granularity up to 15 minutes
  • Quality Module: provides an overview of the incoming and outgoing quality per destination with a granularity up to 15 minutes
  • Trunk Occupancy Module: provides reporting on the interconnection and trunk usage
  • CLI Delivery Reporting Module: presents the traffic CLI Delivery reporting
  • Fraudguard Module: provides monitoring against pre-configured fraud rules and global hotlists
  • CDR download Module: provides an interface from which you can select the filters to download the traffic sent or received by the operator

Why choose BICS for Voice Webvision?

BICS is a world leader in the international voice market and has a proven track record of providing operators with different voice solutions and related value added services.

BICS’ new Voice Webvision is based on an intuitive and easy to use reporting tool that provides enhanced capabilities.  The new Voice Webvision tool has been re-built to better serve our customers’ business needs both now and in the future.

The Voice Webvision is a unique tool thanks to features such as the time conversion support, user friendliness and completeness of the data generated.

Interested to learn more?

Our team can help you unlock the full potential of your voice offering, efficiently and professional!



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