P2P - Ensure rapid and reliable SMS delivery

Secure your P2P traffic and offer an improved user experience
International SMS exchange has historically been limited to GSM technology, and more specifically to roaming partners. Extended international coverage is essential to guarantee that your subscribers can access reliable SMS exchanges even if they are roaming to overseas markets.
The BICS P2P messaging solution takes global messaging provision to the next level with a network built for scale, speed and deliverability. Extend international messaging coverage across all wireless standards and benefit from unrivalled international coverage, mobile number portability support and delivery receipt integrity.

Key Features

  • Low-latency two-way direct connections with more than 500 operators
  • More than 1000 destinations covered worldwide
  • Mobile number portability support in 70+ countries
  • Reliable delivery with delivery receipt integrity
  • Built-in prevention from SMS fraud, spam and unsolicited messages
  • Automatic back up routing system
  • Superior online reporting with monthly/weekly/daily statistics, trend analysis, CDR downloads, QoS metrics and real-time message tracking
  • Route back solution
  • SMS redirect
  • Dedicated support teams per region

Why choose BICS for your P2P messaging needs?

Scalable platform built for reliable performance

Deliver your P2P SMS traffic via BICS’ reliable, global signalling infrastructure, which connects more than 5 billion mobile subscribers. With multiple delivery mechanisms, such as MAP for SS7 and SMPP for IP networks, and built-in redundancy, you can guarantee message delivery for your subscribers. If a fault is detected, rest assured that dedicated 24x7 support is on hand to ensure you get back up and running quickly.

Increase your ROI

Monetise your international SMS traffic originating from other mobile operators or from OTTs and aggregators with combined SMS P2P and A2P services. With BICS’ global messaging solution, you can maximise ROI while guaranteeing optimal network protection and an improved quality of experience.

Advanced routing

With a comprehensive suite of value-added routing features including mobile number portability support, route back solution and SMS redirect, BICS ensures all of your SMS traffic is delivered correctly and promptly.

Online dashboard for business insight

Access insights into service performance on an ongoing basis with an easy-to-use online portal. BICS’ online reporting application, SMS Webvision, allows you to view and track international SMS traffic exchanges in real time and gain actionable insights into subscriber behaviour.

Secure against spam

Detect and prevent unsolicited messages and SMS fraud with the BICS SMS Firewall solution. With a complete suite of services available, you can monetise your SMS business and proactively protect against spam messages and stop fraud in real time.

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