P2P Messaging - Exchange SMS with 1,000 mobile operators worldwide

The SMS P2P service is specifically built to connect mobile operators and MVNOs to exchange 2-way SMS.
Through an extensive on-net reach with more than 400 customers and solid peering agreements, BICS can offer a seamless 2-way SMS exchange to more than 1.000 mobile operators and MVNOs worldwide.

BICS aims to meet the current and emerging requirements of mobile operators worldwide

Simplify your SMS provision with the support of one of the largest SMS networks available today. Through extensive on-net coverage and peering agreements, we offer seamless 2-way SMS exchange with more than 1,000 mobile operators and MVNOs worldwide.

Use SMS to interact with more than 7 billion users around the world in a cost-effective, timely manner. Take advantage of digital technology to quickly launch SMS communications with BICS’ SMS APIs.

Key Features

  • SMS Firewall and Bypass Detection
  • SMPP or SS7 connectivity
  • Compatibility between GSM & CDMA
  • Origin-based Pricing
  • GSMA Open Connectivity compliant
  • Advanced Online reporting: monthly/weekly/daily statistics & trend analysis, CDR download, QoS metrics, real-time message tracking
  • MNP support across the world
  • Route back option
  • SMS Redirect
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