SMART for enterprises Ensure you deliver the right quality everywhere for your connected business

Enterprises with global IoT businesses, and Travel SIM providers, need real-time visibility of connected devices and a way to monitor usage performance globally and in each country of business; at the fleet level and for each device individually. This is essential for them to have control of their connected business and deliver the right quality to their customers.

BICS’ SMART for SIM for Things allows enterprises to proactively monitor large global fleets of connected devices, detect connectivity issues in real time, and convert this data into powerful and actionable insights.

SMART for SIM for Things also enables your support team to deep dive into all connectivity details of each of your SIMs: allowing you to enhance QoS and customer support.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Real-time surveillance of device connectivity – at the global and country level
  • User-defined network KPIs to best fit what is critical for your business
  • Advanced drill-down to the device level up to call flows
  • 30 days of IMSI-level details of all transaction data records (TDRs)
  • 15 months of daily aggregated KPI statistics for each visited network
  • 3 years of monthly aggregated KPI statistics for each visited network
  • Customized usage and QoS alerts and profiling for your connected business
  • One comprehensive source of information on device connectivity

Why choose BICS SMART for SFT?

Monitor and alert on your global fleets

A single solution that incorporates all the tools needed to track behavior patterns, data usage irregularities and connectivity issues across the network in every country of your business, allowing you to ensure your service is delivered consistently and enabling your teams to proactively manage quality issues for your customers.

Track, trace and troubleshoot individual devices

Troubleshoot SIM performance and visualize call flows for activity over the last 30 days, enabling rapid root cause determination for sensitive business applications.

Profiling and alerts

Protect your customers and assure your revenue: define and monitor the QoS levels of your connected devices. Proactively identify single-IMSI issues and receive automatic notifications of any anomalous behavior or irregularities in service availability.