Roaming VAS - Fully hosted within the BICS network

With more customers travelling overseas and the deployment of global IoT devices booming, you have to ensure that your roaming business reaches its full potential: by maximising inbound and outbound roaming revenues, reducing costs, and ensuring service availability and quality. Our range of innovative roaming value added services (VAS) gives you the benefit of our signalling leadership and extensive expertise in roaming.

Fully hosted within the BICS network, our services are directly connected to BICS Signalling Transfer Points (STP), to give you direct access to our services without the need to deal with separate service vendors, thus saving you money and adding value. Outsource the cost and effort of equipment, operations support and maintenance to us and focus on what you do best: growing the business and addressing customer needs.

Discover our Roaming Value Added Services

Steering of Roaming

Optimise revenues while offering your roaming subscribers the best quality of service. Use the BICS Steering of Roaming solution to steer your roaming subscribers onto the networks of your preferred partners.

Use our highly effective traffic steering solutions to negotiate and optimise inter-operator tariffs with minimal impact on subscribers. Seamlessly supports SS7, LTE and OTA.

Gateway Location Register

The BICS GLR service is a fully hosted solution that optimises signalling traffic to keep the subscriber within your network.

It provides detailed statistics on roamer distribution, location, activity and transactions. It enables you to block numbers flagged as fraudulent while identifying premium subscribers.

Intelligent Border Roaming

When subscribers are near country borders where neighboring country networks have good coverage, the handsets may select the foreign network, leading to huge bills and customer dissatisfaction.

Use the powerful steering technology of BICS Intelligent Border Roaming to keep subscribers registered to the home network when travelling near international borders.

Anti-Steering Detection

Protect your roaming revenues and safeguard your network against fraud. The BICS Anti-Steering Detection service allows you to detect and block illegal anti-steering activities that might compromise the experience or bills of your outbound roamers

Leakage Identifier

Use the BICS Leakage Identifier service to identify coverage ‘not-spots’ by pinpointing the locations from which inbound roamers are leaving your network for competing networks, and optimise your network radio coverage to improve your performance there.

SMS Campaign Management

Make a great first impression on your roaming subscribers. Welcome, inform and educate outbound and inbound roamers about your offering via spam-free, focused and revenue-generating messages.

Call Correction

Automatically correct and complete misdialled numbers, and notify your roamers via SMS. With the power of a comprehensive global database of numbering plans (mobile and PSTN) and special algorithms, you can dramatically increase the number of completed roaming calls through your networks.

Home Short Codes

Use the BICS Home Short Codes service to allow your roamers subscribers to continue using their familiar short codes to access value-added services while roaming. With a global short codes database and feature-rich translation method you can increase revenues, service quality and loyalty among inbound and outbound roamers.

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