Roaming Business Intelligence - insights into roaming behaviour, fraud and VIP subscriber activity

EU regulations and digital services are roaming revenues and margins. To improve revenue and profitability you need to differentiate through quality of experience and innovation, and gain control over your roaming business and make it profitable. You already have huge amounts of data about network performance and subscriber activity, which already resides within their own systems. The challenge is: how to extract actionable insights from this data?

BICS roaming business intelligence solutions are perfect for this.

The BICS network intelligence solution analyses traffic data and delivers easy to understand insights on the network’s physical performance so you can conduct end-to-end quality management. Our business intelligence solution offers insights into roaming behaviour, fraud and VIP subscriber activity that you can use to improve your roaming business.

Our business analytics solution provides a complete perspective on roamers in near-real time that you can use for rapid or strategic responses to better monetise roaming and create new revenue streams.

Our predictive analytics solution uses sophisticated algorithms that combine intelligence and discovery to create customer intimacy with highly targeted and responsive marketing and IoT strategies.

BICS big data solutions allow operators to bypass the complexity involved in collecting and analysing terabytes of data in real time, and go directly to actionable insight.

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