Remote peering to DE-CIX

Connect to any DE-CIX peering point around the world from any BICS on-net location across EMEA, the US and APAC including:
  • Germany, Frankfurt – one of the world’s biggest Internet Exchanges
  • France, Marseille – a regional Internet Exchange.
  • USA, New York – one of the world’s biggest Internet Exchanges

Features :

  • Opt for a shared or dedicated port at any DE-CIX peering point, based on your bandwidth requirements
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement tailored to your needs according to multiple factors including: latency, availability, ability to segregate your most critical traffic from traditional IP Transit and DDoS protection
  • Flat fee or usage-based billing model
The BICS Global Remote Peering solution provides one-stop-shop international peering. We offer the option to split the capacity into parts and route it in different directions, or combine it with other IXPs. All contractual and technical details are handled by BICS, so you only deal with a single point of contact, with no costly infrastructure requirements, no legal complexity and no need to handle multiple technical and billing departments.

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