OC Roaming - Streamline and optimise your roaming processes

Deploying global roaming coverage efficiently while providing a seamless roaming user experience is challenging. Regulation and competition exert downward pressure on tariffs in many regions, while technology shifts and new network investments needed to manage LTE and machine-to-machine communications drive up costs.
The BICS Open Connectivity Roaming Hub offers an efficient and streamlined way to deploy or complement roaming coverage. Access new multilateral linkages through a single technical and commercial relationship.

Open Connectivity Roaming Hub with over 770 mobile operators

The BICS Open Connectivity Roaming Hub service offers a single-window intermediary service managing your roaming relationships with other operators. Our state-of-the-art and easy to use environment manages all the activities required for rapid service rollout and easy management, from establishing roaming agreements, to assuming full financial liability to testing to billing and settlement. Boost revenues, margins and loyalty by smoothly launching more roaming services including M2M, simplifying day to day operations and guaranteeing roaming quality.

Extend your roaming footprint and increase your roaming inbound and outbound revenues by easily establishing new roaming relations or launching new roaming services (Voice, SMS, GPRS, 3G, CAMEL, LTE) with other operators. Fully compliant with GSMA Open Connectivity guidelines, the Hub enables roaming relations with over 770 operators.

A carrier-grade solution leveraging BICS’ global network infrastructure, BICS Instant Roaming is fully hosted and managed, with no need to invest in customised platforms. Rest assured with the promise of high quality of service reliability and guaranteed international SMS delivery with extensive reach via the BICS SMS hub.

Key Features

  • A carrier-grade solution
  • A comprehensive set of connectivity options
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Complements bilateral agreements
  • Centralized data roaming
  • Complements SMS & MMS Hubbing
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