BICS has under one roof all the tools needed to empower and extend MVNO's services with instant global reach

For MVNOs aiming to launch or extend seamless international business services, BICS offers a one-stop solution that fully addresses their priorities, lack of resources, regulations and time-to-market needs. Our offering provides MVNOs with immediate global roaming reach, with full connectivity, voice, roaming and messaging. No capital expenditure or platform investment is needed as the service is fully hosted.

MVNOs can enhance and boost their customers’ roaming experience through innovative, customised offerings with BICS’ scalable intelligence and analytics models, developed through unparalleled experience and expertise. MVNOs can achieve a straightforward path to profit and begin generating revenues straightaway from global connectivity in the new digital economy with BICS’ next generation services.

BICS’ one-stop-shop Solutions are designed not only to help MVNOs build their international coverage for the end-users, but also equip them with a wide range of value added services (VAS) which are key in monetizing MVNO’s operations and sustaining competitive position in the market.

BICS’ one-stop-shop solution for MVNOs offers…


One stop ‘scale as you grow’ solution from an experienced, reliable partner

  • Hosted solution on a fully owned IPX network
  • Managed service run by a team of experienced industry experts
  • High-quality, reliable and secure environment
  • Value added services and SLAs delivered by qualified technical staff and specialist equipment

Extensive international connectivity for voice, messaging and data

  • Extended reach into key markets around the world
  • Dedicated service layer for the transport of IPX compliant traffic
  • High-quality voice, messaging, data and capacity connectivity within days

Managed roaming services for better control over the delivery and usage of roaming

  • Widest roaming network with connections to over 337 mobile operators around the world
  • Comprehensive billing and clearing
  • 24/7 customer support and customer relationship management tools
  • High-margin tailored value added services for premium customers

Business intelligence to stimulate increased roaming use and margins

  • Deep dive insights into customer preferences and usage patterns while roaming
  • Tools that facilitate innovative bundling and packaging of data services to create stickiness

Asset monetisation services to generate revenue streams from network and business assets

  • Services on a partnership model for network and business asset monetisation
  • New revenue streams from assets including location-based services, mobile identity, USSD, subscriber insights, and more

Prevention services to keep fraud away from the network and customers

  • Crowdsourcing technology to proactively prevent all types of telecom voice fraud
  • Prevention of SMS fraud, including grey and black routes, SMS centre hacking, etc.
  • Firewall and checks to detect IPX and signalling fraud to protect operator systems and network
  • Protect roamers from huge bills and fraudulent traffic

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