IPX VoLTE Experience the Quality of HD Voice

Recognized worldwide as an IPX leader in the telecom industry, BICS focused its extensive expertise and experience in developing a convergent and ubiquitous IPX VoLTE service.

BICS’ IPX VoLTE service enables Mobile Operators to deploy IMS services -VoLTE and RCS- ubiquitously across International borders. BICS’ IPX VoLTE is a service hub built on a highly reliable IPX network to efficiently support VoLTE mobile operators.

It offers intelligent routing, commercial transparency, IMS/VoLTE protocol normalisation and media transcoding capabilities, which are vital to maintain the high definition HD sound quality of VoLTE calls.

The service is commercially live and offers end-to-end service provision, billing, business intelligence services and interworking capabilities among VoLTE enabled networks but also with legacy Circuit-Switched voice if a VoLTE call is attempted to a handset which is either non-compliant or does not have LTE coverage.

The service has been fully tested on commercially available devices and live LTE networks.

Divya Ghai WAKANKAR, Head of Voice Innovation and LTE Voice Product Management:

"VoLTE is an avant-garde IMS service offering a superior voice experience to end-users when at home or roaming. It paves the way for video and rich messaging services to become mainstream, which is why BICS is now set to enhance the IPX VoLTE service to enable them ubiquitously across disparate LTE networks around the globe. We are in process of executing trials with our customers, who have launched or are deploying VoLTE. This is an excellent opportunity for mobile operators to stage themselves as world leaders in innovation. They can test the IMS/VoLTE NNI by connecting to BICS IPX VoLTE hub and launch the service internationally for their subscribers."

Divya is responsible for the product management and strategy of innovative services over the IPX network, defining the vision, road-map and implementation of Next Generation Communications services VoLTE. With her help and through innovative services, Divya is helping operators to regain their relevance with their subscribers.

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