IPX Voice - Voice hubbing solution for the IPX world

In a changing world where customers want new and better services to be delivered in a converged and commercially integrated way, it is imperative to adapt and align interoperator solutions to enable IPX centric services.
When it comes to Packet Voice Interworking services, IPX Voice offers direct, low latency, stable routing, and full service transparency combined with a new and future proof business model.

BICS’ IPX Voice supports your business requirements in a fundamentally different and new environment, both technically and commercially.

We have introduced this service with one goal in mind: enabling you to execute your mid and long-term IP(X) centric roadmap in optimal co-existence with your evolving business models, and creating a competitive advantage for you while delivering the highest quality of service for your customers.

Key Features

  • End-to-end IP Coverage
  • Quality Assurance: End-to-end IPX QoS management
  • Supports HD Voice and traditional voice
  • High quality direct routes
  • Routing transparency
  • Commercial transparency
  • VoLTE ready

Why Choose BICS

  • Part of a top-3 international voice carrier's portfolio
  • The number-1 international mobile data service provider
  • A GSMA & i3forum compliant IPX service offering

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