FraudGuard - the most advanced fraud-detection platform based on crowdsourcing

Telecoms fraud is flourishing and costs carriers billions of euros every year. The difficulty of prosecuting the criminals responsible makes the problem even more frustrating for operators.

That’s why BICS & cVidya decided to join forces and offer FraudGuard to its customers. It is a state-of-the-art fraud detection platform that uses crowdsourcing knowledge to enrich the service and deliver pro-active feedback in order to fight fraud.


FraudGuard analyses BICS’ global traffic in near real time creating a complete overview on fraud trends and allows customers to pro-actively take action and minimize a possible fraud scenario. FraudGuard customers can, in return, enrich the system with fraud details they have detected on their respective networks.

The solution is built on the strengths of both partners, the extensive global reach of BICS and the deep expertise of cVidya to offer a most advanced fraud management solution.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art and future proof fraud detection platform
  • A solution to pro-actively stop fraud
  • No IT CAPEX is required, service set-up and results are immediate

Why Choose BICS

  • Extensive crowdsourcing system for detecting fraud and sharing feedback
  • Highly qualified team with extensive fraud experience
  • World-leader in the international voice and mobile data markets
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Protection from Telecoms Fraud

"Safeguarding our revenue from fraudulent activity and protecting our customers’ user experience is a major priority at Swisscom. Reinforcing the focus on fraud protection, Swisscom has chosen the innovative FraudGuard service from its long-standing partner BICS’ to help block fraudulent international call attempts, in and out of our network, proactively as an additional benefit to the other functionalities of the solution."

Reto Meier / Fraud Manager at Swisscom

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