First Class Mobile Voice - the very best international mobile voice experience

High-quality Fixed and Mobile operators require a reliable and well-interconnected transit carrier to guarantee the highest voice end-user experience. Operators seek a reliable and constant high quality offering, using a minimal number of hubs, via extensive direct interconnections. This high end-user experience is a key differentiator for Operators, and delivers minimum churn and a maximum ARPU.

BICS' First Class Mobile offers you the value of the extensive reach of BICS' fully redundant network augmented by rigorous routing quality principles and the highest customer service priority. This allows you to offer the best voice quality experience to your customers and will bring you the best competitive advantage.

Key Features

  • Global coverage and direct routing
  • Pro-active testing and monitoring
  • Multi-vendor strategy
  • Support of roaming ranges and Number Portability
  • CLI guarantee
  • Pre and post-payment
  • Online reporting

Why Choose BICS

  • Over 600 direct routes with the best-in-class service quality
  • Support of different access types
  • Part of a top-3 international voice carrier's portfolio
  • Recognized for quality of service
  • Advanced and transparent web reporting on traffic and quality
  • 24/7 Customer service
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