BICS Cloud Connect – an official Azure technology partner

A straight path into Azure regions across the world with BICS

The BICS Cloud Connect solution provides highly reliable, scalable connectivity between your locations and Azure Direct Connect regions in the US, EU and Asia Pacific:


High performance, secure, scalable connectivity

  • The BICS multi-layer network provides a high-speed, robust and redundant connection to Azure regions, using a Direct Connect service
  • Our transport is based on Carrier Ethernet or DWDM / OTN technologies, including submarine cables
  • We offer 130 points of presence across the world, each one fully-operated and supported by BICS
  • Guaranteed SLAs offer complete peace of mind

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Flexible and fair business model

Our flexible business model is scalable, cost-efficient and fair, helping you avoid unnecessary charges:
No access charges

No more exorbitant access charges. We only charge for actual usage, not port access or host equipment

No fees for multiple VLANS

With BICS you only pay for overall bandwidth usage once

Bandwidth granularity aligned with Azure

The BICS network is 100% aligned with Azure bandwidth availability and port access so you always enjoy optimum performance while only paying for the bandwidth you need

No Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) charges

There are no NNI charges with BICS, so whether you use 1 or 10GB, you won’t pay unnecessary operating costs

Reasons to use Cloud Connect to Azure with BICS

Bypass the public internet – go direct!

Directly connect your network to private and public Azure services via an existing IPX Access physical port with BICS, or via a dedicated port for Cloud Connect connectivity.

Connect securely to multiple clouds via a single port

With BICS, you only need a single provider and a single port to access multiple Azure locations, as well as other Cloud Exchange providers, making us the most flexible option to meet your business needs.

Cost-effective scale-as-you-grow model

We offer cost-effective solutions starting from 50Mbps up to 10Gbps with flat, or usage-based billing models that are customized to the needs of your project.


Guarantee service performance and connectivity in every part of the globe.