Advanced Analytics - Automatically detect, optimize, and monetize M2M roaming traffic with unrivalled accuracy

Advanced Analytics – Automatically detect, optimize, and monetize M2M roaming traffic with unrivalled accuracy

Mobile roaming is going through a period of transformation. Permanent roaming traffic has surpassed all expectations thanks to the rise of M2M and IoT. While this creates a huge opportunity for operators, difficulty in distinguishing between human and machine devices means fully monetizing M2M traffic has become a challenge.

Operators need to unlock insights from their network to accurately segment inbound IoT devices, optimize for consistent Quality of Experience, then better monetize roaming traffic to increase profitability. BICS’ Advanced Analytics solution makes this possible.

Key Features

  • Real-time, actionable data across the full network stack (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Automatically identify roamers as human or machine
  • Uncover behavior trends, device usage, bottom line impact, and more
  • Track all roaming traffic to maximize IoT profit margins
  • Alerts for suspicious or unusual activity
  • Pairs with BICS SMART Webvision for deeper business insights

Why chose BICS’ Advanced Analytics?

Detect all M2M and IoT traffic

BICS’ Advanced Analytics solution provides unrivalled insight and data-led analysis. Existing rules-based classification technologies can only identify 60% of roamers and have a 24-hour delay in reporting. By combining insights from SS7, Diameter, and GTP signaling, BICS’ solution provides a complete view of all roaming devices, identifying them in real time with 98% accuracy.

Take advantage of machine learning

Advanced Analytics constantly pulls data from the network and turns it into actionable insight, keeping pace with changing roaming patterns.

Unique industry expertise

BICS is at the heart of international connectivity, shaping the future of global communications. As a leading international carrier for voice and messaging, our extensive global footprint powers the growth of roaming in every region of the world.

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