Business Messaging - Increase engagement and drive business growth

Due to its ubiquity and reach, A2P SMS has become the cornerstone of modern business communication. Driven by the needs of enterprises to drive deeper customer and employee engagement and launch omnichannel offerings, a wide range of use cases have led business messaging to grow rapidly – with A2P SMS at the heart of it.
Enterprises looking to tap into heightened demand for enhanced A2P SMS functionality need a flexible and scalable solution to achieve wide reach, low latency messaging. The BICS A2P SMS platform makes this a reality, taking advantage of one of the largest networks available.

Key Features

  • Full messaging capabilities, including dedicated business long codes and alpha-numeric sender IDs and message concatenation
  • Use case-based traffic optimisation and routing to ensure deliverability
  • Complete messaging interoperability
  • Integrated fraud guard and regulatory compliance to tackle spam and protect revenues
  • Alerts for suspicious or unusual activity to protect business reputations
  • End-to-end visibility into SMS traffic with real-time reporting
  • 2-way conversation via BICS long codes (virtual mobile numbers) in 150+ countries

Why choose BICS for business messaging?

Deliver at scale via API

Deliver messages at scale with BICS’ A2P SMS API set. Make business messaging straightforward and automated through a solution that’s compatible with a wide range of platforms and can be integrated quickly and easily using our API documentation.

 Advanced security

Built-in spam protection, together with a machine learning-driven approach to identify and tackle SMS fraud that eliminates message spoofing.

Extensive reporting and real-time insight

BICS’ A2P SMS solution provides unrivalled insight into messaging delivery through the SMS Webvision reporting platform. Gain full access to quality of service and real-time tracking through the reporting dashboard, as well as the ability to visualise messaging data graphically for deeper analysis.

Dedicated 24/7 support

Never miss a beat with our Follow-the-Sun support, complete with real-time request acknowledgement and dedicated Service-Level Agreements

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