With huge increases in global travel and mobility, your customers expect the same high-quality mobile experience whether they are at home or overseas. Establish and expand your international roaming coverage easily with our suite of services. Use our expertise to create and monetise innovative experiences that best fit your customers’ needs when overseas.

Become an essential travel partner for roaming customers

Today’s customers demand the same connectivity both at home and outside their national borders. To best serve your mobile customers you need to offer a seamless worldwide roaming experience.

Set up or expand your roaming network while avoiding the complexities of multiple procedures, commercial and technical agreements!

With a single connection to the BICS network you get immediate access to more than 750 operator networks worldwide, so you can focus on building competitive advantage for your core business. Our value added services will allow you to stimulate overseas usage, and replicate the home service experience abroad. 


Our roaming solutions serve million consumers on 2G / 3G and LTE networks


We provide mobile operators with a complete portfolio of Hubbing services to address all their needs, whether it is Signalling, SMS, MMS, GRX or Roaming - one of our significant differentiators compared to our competitors. Complete set of world-class hubbing solutions to serve international roaming and interworking needs: From connectivity to VAS & Voice, Signaling, SMS, MMS, GRX - IPX and Roaming. read more

A Complete Open Connectivity Roaming Hubbing Solution that provides mobile operators with an efficient and streamlined environment to extend roaming footprint in a multilateral fashion with one technical and one commercial relationship utilizing Industry best practices. read more


An innovative wide range of Roaming Value Added Services powered by a cluster of telco-grade servers hosted within BICS network. read more