Business Intelligence and Analytics


Create competitive advantage through big data. Take a deep dive into your consumers’ preferences and increase loyalty through customised offerings based on real-time insight. Achieve 360° visibility across your network for more efficiency, timely troubleshooting and a more profitable roaming business. 

Insight to improve customer experience and profitability

Improve user experience and launch customised services with the power of insight. Gain value from user-generated data with our advanced end-to-end traffic monitoring, reporting and business intelligence tools. Increase customer intimacy and offer the optimal roaming experience through real time monitoring and 24/7 customer support.

Get a full view of the performance of your roaming traffic and get accurate, in-depth understanding of roaming usage, revenue and behavior patterns.

Analysing over 2 billion records in near-real time every day, our roaming business intelligence and analytics solution gives you competitive advantage through customisation, an enhanced customer experience, and service quality.


Leverage insights gained from a suite of business, network and subscriber intelligence reports


SMART Webvision, BICS’ integrated Quality Monitoring, Subscriber Tracking & Tracing and Business Intelligence tool for 2G, 3G and 4G built on BIG Data technology. BICS offers an innovative suite of advanced web-based tools collectively referred to as SMART Webvision ( Subscriber Monitoring and Advanced Reporting Tool) which enables BICS customers to access over one terabyte of traffic and business intelligence data in near-real time, with response times of mere seconds through a seamless web interface. With just a few mouse-clicks, SMART provides operators with an end-to-end view of their roaming business, allowing them to optimise their subscribers’ roaming experience, boost revenues from 2G/3G/4G roaming and access truly actionable business insights. read more


In order to enable growth through customized and sustainable offerings to their end-users, operators need a solution that offers them an overview of their inbound and outbound voice traffic. Voice Webvision provides operators & groups of operators a complete view of Traffic, Quality of Service, Trunk Occupancy, CLI delivery and CDR download. In addition Voice Webvision offers a fraud-prevention solution. read more